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Work & Wealth

Many Malaysian Christians are born with a shared value that transcends race and religion - money matters. This is true even for those who are born in the Millennial generation that apparently doesn't place as high a premium on money as previous generations of migrant ancestors did. And yet, even if wealth was not the explicit goal, there is still an underlying belief in why they work. If there wasn't, it will soon show in feelings of frustration, a lack of drive and ambition in the workplace, a greater interest in passions outside of working life, even depression over their life's direction. Many Christians have not made the basic link between Jesus's Gospel and their lives of toil and wealth creation. They do not know how.

This situation is unacceptable to God who created this world for His glory. As such, all of us, including Christians, need to hear desperately the teaching of His Son in the whole Bible so that our lives are shaped according to a glorious purpose. CERC Camp 2019 will take us through God's Word on all of this in the talks and a set of bible studies that will get us to think through work and money. This yearly time of growing with God's family is a precious life-changer that is well worth the time for everyone who is pursuing a life of prosperity.

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Everyone wields power in our own areas of life, but do you understand the purpose of that power? This year at CERC Camp, we will explore the purpose of power in our electives to understand the reason power was given. What will you do with your power?

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